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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Obsession Number One: Victoria Secrets

Yes ladies, I'm sure if you live in London (where we are lucky enough to have stores already) you will have developed a keen liking for Victoria Secrets. I know they have stores opening in Leeds and Manchester very soon, so the ladies of the north can join in. 

OK, so its just underwear, right?

NO, Wrong.

Its going to change your life.

So that could be a bit strong, but its definitely changed the way I shop for underwear. 

Its so overwhelmingly American you can't help but join in and embrace it. Its all pink, and everything looks so lovely and soft. 

This is a demi bra which is both comfortable and girly- super cute!

My personal favourite is the non- under wired bras they do. I would describe them as sexy sports bras.
It sounds ridiculous but they are as comfortable as your ugliest sports bra, yet they offer cleavage and full support.  

A good dress can only reach its full potential if you make the right under wear choices.

Ive tried almost every bra VS has to offer so if you're thinking of investing, im your expert; Ive already got my mum and sister on board. 

Anyone else tried Victoria Secrets recently ?

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