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Thursday, 3 October 2013

I've got a FABULOUS new jumper and bag.

My only problem is that they don't go together. 

Here is my burgundy leopard print cashmere and wool jumper. Its on trend, good quality and gorgeous!
Its available in three colours (black, burgundy and nude) but this one was my favourite.

My bag, on the other hand is HOT PINK. 

Isn't it great ?

I love it, but boy does it not go with burgundy.  I can't decide if I should forget the pink for the time being and focus on the jumper, or just throw caution to the wind and embrace clashing prints and colours. 
I'm told clashing is cool at the moment...

What would you guys do ?

FYI - Both Items are available from

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I love that bag! The size, shape, color...truly amazing. Honestly, I think it's so cute I'd wear it with anything whether it clashed or not, haha!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail