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Monday, 16 July 2012

Behind the scenes at our latest shoot...

Last Monday we headed over to the Belt Craft Studios to shoot our newest arrivals…a beautiful new studio which has just opened it’s doors in North London, it’s huge open space and distressed look made the perfect backdrop for our gorgeous newbies!

Belt Craft Studios

I have to admit…I was slightly freaked out when my photographer Ailera Stone, told me she was leaving me for the summer and heading home! But my knight in shining armour came t my rescue in the form of Hanna Kristina, who came and shot some beautiful pics of my my collection!
Modelled by Michaela, with Leah Mabe working her magic on Hair and Makeup…
Leah Mabe

Michaela Ireland

China Doll Boutique

China Doll Boutique

The newness will be hitting our boutique throughout the day so keep your eyes peeled…we literally have 1-2 of each items so make sure you grab yours before it sells out!

Nhuc xx