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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cosying up in my new fav knit...

OK, so Spring is generally my favourite time of the's goodbye to the harsh winter days and the start of exciting things...such as the planning of a much needed summer holiday which usually goes hand in hand with the arrival of some pretty new dresses (yay!)...and a serious wardrobe detox (boo!)

But on this fine sunny day I've done nothing but stay wrapped up in bed suffering from an awful cold with horrible blotchy skin and a nose so red it would put Rudolph to shame!

So I was less than pleased when the doorbell rang this morning at 8am...I literally had to crawl out to get my parcel...but you know what? It was totally worth it!!

I've just had a delivery of newness, my fav items so far is my fluffy pom pom jumper, its superly duperly cute, so so soft and warm I've been in it all day and it's made my day a hell of a lot better!  

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